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My name is Syafeen, I go by the alias "RevenanT" online.

Currently, I am studying for a Diploma in Infocomm Security Management at SP.

In my spare time, I play CS:GO semi-competitively while juggling assignments and social life.

I also recently picked up Overwatch, looking forward to getting into it.


Picture of me
Me (in real life)

I started playing video games when I was 7.

My dad introduced me to Halo, and from there I was pulled to the first-person shooter genre.

I discovered Counter-Strike when I was 13 and started playing it fairly often.

Similarly to Halo, I quickly got used to the game and improved drastically at the game.

Aspirations and Goals

Currently, I'm aiming to improve my individual skill in Counter-Strike and participating in local events to get some recognition.

Further on, I might join a team and compete competitively.

However, I'm definitely planning to complete my studies beforehand, so I have something to fall back onto, if my gaming career doesn't pick up.